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  • Beit Loya

    A recent excavation in the Beit Guvrin region by the Israel Antiquities Authority revealed a massive underground complex. Seated in this massive columbarium is my long time traveling companion Sam Sade. Shmuel - Beit Loya. Beit Loya - columbarium. Nikon D700. Nikkor 35mm f2 at f3.2 1/40 ISO 1250 handheld.

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  • Banias Syrian Tank

      During an attack on northern Israel in the Six Day War, the driver of this Syrian tank tried to reverse. Only the tank commander managed to jump out, the rest of the crew is still hanging in there...   Syrian Tank. July 2012. Nikon D90. Nikkor 50mm f1.4. 1/25 sec f/3.5 ISO1000.

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  • Elijah on Mount Carmel

    Elijah invited Ahab, the Israelites, the Ba’al “prophets” and the Ashera “prophets” to Mount Carmel for a showdown. The location of the confrontation is believed to be the Mukhraka (Arabic) or Keren HaCarmel (Hebrew) on top of Mount Carmel, but it is possible that the actual location is Metsudat Habama (the fort of the stage), pictured here. Metsudat Habama is ...

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