Photo Tour in Israel

A Land of Diversities

Israel is begging to be captured on film. Located between Asia, Africa and Europe, with many climate zones and a dynamic population, Israel is perhaps the most diversified country in the world. Its heritage is based on a unique historical, archaeological and geographical foundation. To take advantage of the land’s photogenic nature, we recommend taking a customized photo tour in Israel.

Focus on Your Art

Photo Tour Israel enables you to truly focus on the art, to dwell on the subject and to optimize the light it reflects. The photographs are not incidental to the tour. Instead, they are an integral part of the experience. Planning your trip to get the perfect light, weather, stars, or a cultural event is what makes a difference between nailing it – or not.

We know that serious photographers tour differently than the average tourist. We know you don’t want to rush from tourist spot to tourist spot. You need time to linger, get a feel for a place and be inspired. We’ll give you the time and space to wander freely, absorbing the atmosphere, photographing it or filing it away for contemplation at a later date.

Custom Made Tours

Traveling by car with a personal guide means you travel faster and further to the greatest photo opportunities. The flexibility of a customized tour allows you to take advantage of seasonal changes, weather, and time-sensitive events. We make sure you get to the right place at the right time for breathtaking photography.

Our customized tours are competitively priced and extra-personal. Contact us with information about when you plan to be in Israel and what you are interested in photographing.

Fee: 420$US per day.
Fees exclude car rental, if required (about 35$ per day+gas).
Groups and special requests welcomed.

Header Image: desert mountain trail. Western Negev Mountain ridge, by the Egyptian-Sinai border.
Fotoman 617, Fuji 300mm Lens, a few seconds at f16, Fuji Reala 100.