Photography Links

Keren-or – Jerusalem camera repair service
Jugend Brothers – Tel-Aviv Professional camera store, with rental service
Panda – A small, reliable, photo lab in Tel Aviv, processing slides E-6, 6 step, Color negatives and B&W film in Israel.
Tel Hai Museum of Photography – By the Northern border, exhibitions and great interactive showroom on photographic basics
Tourist Israel – Fun tourist stuff in Israel
All about Jerusalem – an excellent source of information about Jerusalem
Jerusalem’s Artists Colony – The Jerusalem Judaica and Fine Art Artists Lane – analog photography users group
Yishai Fleisher Radio Show – Great stuff about Israel
Bromide – Professional printing for photographers, architects and designers.

header image: Desert Star Trails Exposed from Luts Cisterns near Ramon Crater.
Schneider Super-Symmar 80mm f4.5 on Fotoman 617. About 3hrs at f8-1/3 on Fujifilm 400H. Cropped.