Photo Tour Israel Questions and Answers

Which camera should i bring ?

We leave camera choice to your artistic discretion. The popular choice is a DSLR, but anything from a semi-pro point&shoot to a 7″X17″ ULF will do. Renting photography equipment in Israel is also an option.

Can I bring a friend ?

A friend or family member can join at a small extra fee as described here. we can also combine a photography tour with more traditional tour guiding.

Do I need a car ?

For the Jerusalem Crash Course, a car is not recommended. We will travel by foot, tram, bus or taxi. For longer and out of the city tours, a rental car is recommended. Small car rentals in Israel are usually around $35. Package deals (car+flight) can significantly reduce rental fare.


Technical Q’s

Do you recommend using jpeg or RAW file format ?

We recommend jpeg for daily usage and RAW for critical work. While jpeg saves time, RAW can render better results as well as provide a ‘safety net’ for inaccurate exposures, white balance settings and creative processing. Setting the camera to photograph jpeg+raw is an excellent solution. We like Nikon’s free software for NEF conversion.

What is the f-stop number ?

The f-stop is the lens’ focal length divided by its effective aperture diameter. For example, a 50mm lens with an effective diameter of 25mmm is a 50mm f2 lens.

Why do you still use film for some jobs ?

For my Style of work, the main advantage of film is for high resolution long exposures, where digital image stitching is not an option. Film cameras are usually cheaper and are great to take on trips where there is a high risk of damage or theft. Film can always be scanned to a file. Beware of X-ray! – it kills film.

Do you use eBay ?

It is not necessary to spend large amounts of money on new lenses. Instead, buy what you need on eBay, use it for a period of time and then sell it. This will cost you very little.


Header Image: Abstract Ridge Eilat mountains.
Fotoman 617. Fujinon 300 f8 f22 1/60. Ektar100.