Photo Tour Israel Questions and Answers

Which camera should i bring ?

We leave camera choice to your artistic discretion. The popular choice is a DSLR, but anything from a semi-pro point&shoot to a 7″X17″ ULF will do. Renting photography equipment in Israel is also an option.  I can normally provide a tripod, filters and additional lenses (Nikon or Hasselblad).

Can I bring a friend ?

A friend or family member can join at a small extra fee as described here. we can also combine a photography tour with more traditional tour guiding.

Do I need a car ?

For the Jerusalem Crash Course, a car is not recommended – we will travel by foot, tram, bus or taxi.  For longer and out of the city tours, a rental car is recommended. Small car rentals in Israel are usually around $35 + gas, and can make the reservation (and drive) but the car rental needs to be registered on your name (ministry of tourism regulations).

Can we depart at ridiculous hours and is there extra charge for such service ?

Rediclous hours (i.e. departing at 03:00 am for deep in the desert sunrise) are recommended and at no extra charge.


Technical Q’s

Header Image: Abstract Ridge Eilat mountains.
Fotoman 617. Fujinon 300 f8 f22 1/60. Ektar100.