Photography Tours


Photo Tour Israel offers inspiring photography tours that provide opportunities for photographers to improve their work (e.g. technical understanding, new skills and techniques, advanced visual comprehension) while exploring one of the most unique countries in the world: Israel.


Photography tours throughout Israel
Jerusalem single day photography crash course
Location research for movies and photography sessions
The history of photography and technology presentations
“When I decided to travel to Israel, I contacted Yaal to organize a private photo workshop. I really enjoyed it. Yaal is very knowledgeable about technique, gear and of course Israel. He was generous with his knowledge and fun to be around. In my opinion, when traveling, it really adds a lot to the experience to spend time and work with someone from the place, especially someone as well-rounded as Yaal is.  I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to get off the beaten track a little bit.” – Yvonne Richard, Montreal

Header Image: Morning Sails. Boats on the Sea of Galilee.
Nikon F90 85mm f1.8 lens (exposure unknown), crop from Fujifilm Pro100.