Travelers Say


On my recent trip to Israel I had the distinct pleasure to spend a day and a half with Yaal Herman.
Not only is Yaal a most talented photographer, his style of teaching was personable, enthusiastic and insightful. Yaal thoughtfully planned out a day that was aesthetically inspired as well as very informative as to the history (present and ancient), topography and culture of the sites and places we visited. Yaal has a unique gift for conveying his love (as well as astute insights) of photography with his love and deep understanding for the richness and beauty of Israel and its people in a manner that was sincere, witty and warm.
Also, Yaal is very understated as to how accomplished and respected he is as a professional photographer in Israel On returning to Jerusalem I visited his Studio in the Artist Colony; his oeuvre is traditionally evocative and creatively captivating! If you are planning a trip to Israel and would like to discover the richness and diversity of Israel in techni-color with a talented, warm and enthusiastic photographer- friend you could do no better than getting in touch with Yaal Herman.

Dr. Max Rudansky, New York


I got Yaal to travel with me for two days around Israel in March 2015. What a fantastic experience. Not only was his approach to photography and art inspiring — he is one of the most pleasant people you could imagine taking with you on a two-day road-trip.
We went to places that normal tours would never take you — and everywhere we went Yaal would tell me about history, religion and the wildlife. His range of knowledge is absolutely astounding.
I am so happy to have found Yaal’s website and to have decided to get him to be my guide in Israel.

I loved Yaal’s style of travel. We spent all of our time experiencing new places, but didn’t waste too much time on eating or sleeping. So we managed to cram an incredible amount of things into the two day trip, but it still never felt hurried or frantic.

It was an absolutely unforgettable experience, that I will cherish for all my days.

Getting a great guide like Yaal is the perfect way to be able to absorb the beauty and history of the country. After only two days traveling with Yaal, I feel like I have been on a two-week vacation and a one year intense course on the history of the country.

Þórlindur Kjartansson, Reykjavík


Yaal Herman is an extremely talented professional photographer and tour guide. On a recent trip to Israel, Yaal and me spent 2 days and nights exploring Southern Israel where I was able to capture the incredible vistas, contours and colors of the Negev desert from Jordan to the Egyptian border. Not only was the photo shoot breathtaking but Yaal’s deep knowledge and history of the area greatly enriched my overall experience. Yaal’s vast knowledge of these off the beaten path sites and overall history of Israel made this trip successful and one for the ages. I highly recommend you contact Ya’al for a photography tour or even just a regular tour of Israel.

Mike Danson, New York


I really enjoyed spending the day with Yaal photographing round Jerusalem, it was a real adventure! He was extremely kind, friendly and very helpful. He immediately understood what kind of photography and subjects I was interested in and adapted the tour accordingly. He also gave me great advice on how to improve my photography and took me to very original places to photograph, more authentic, far from tourists, which I wouldn’t have been able to find by myself. He also gave great suggestions of subjects to photograph and took me for lunch to the best falafel in town! Yaal is not only a good teacher but also great company, I will definitely be contacting him again on my next trip to Israel to organize another tour!

Carolina Reid, London


“I enjoyed the workshop a very much. Your considerable knowledge of photography combined with your modesty, as well as how you obviously enjoy sharing with others created a relaxed, professional and constructive atmosphere. You certainly succeeded in motivating us to face the challenge, which we did not expect at the beginning of the session, and later return with professional insights in addition to a very special experience. During the course of the process you also gave us professional tools and a brief look at design tools, in addition to the correct perspective in planning pictures – all of which could make a real difference…
I certainly appreciated the fact that you sent us the creations of the workshop and it was real fun seeing and keeping them as a souvenir.”

Sarah Casselman, Jerusalem


“When I decided to travel to Israel, I contacted Yaal to organize a private photo workshop. I really enjoyed it. Yaal is very knowledgeable about technique, gear and of course Israel. He was generous with his knowledge and fun to be around. In my opinion, when travelling, it really adds a lot to the experience to spend time and work with someone from the place, especially someone as well-rounded as Yaal is.  I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to get off the beaten track a little bit.”

Yvonne Richard, Montreal


“It was a privilege and pleasure to be guided by someone so enthusiastic and knowledgeable to introduce me to interesting locations and see them through the eyes of a photographer. It saved me so much time, having to find unique places that are off the beaten track. I highly recommend Yaal as a guide to make your journey interesting, fun and creative.”

Liz London, London


“I saw a side of Jerusalem which a visitor to your beautiful country is not really privy to typically. Your friendly and knowledgeable approach was very instrumental in capturing the shots.
Thank you.”

Dipankar Ganguli, Bangalor, India


“Thank you for a wonderful workshop. You are highly professional, as you prepared a game that was both challenging and entertaining as well as suitable for parents and children alike. The explanations were comprehensive and interesting, and the demonstrations were excellent.”

Bat Schachar, Jerusalem


Header Image: trees moon sky. Near Yokneam.
Mamiya 7, 150mm f4.5 lens. exposure unrecorded. Fuji 400H. cropped.