Photography Tours in Israel

› Experience Israel’s beauty and diversity through your lens
› Boost your photography skills with professional insights, tips and tricks
› Visit well-known sites or go off the beaten track
› Deepen your vision and creativity

Israel. Experience it. Capture it.

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  • Photography Course

    7 Session inspirational and focused photography course in the pictorial Yemin Moshe artist quarter.

  • Whatever the Weather

    Flash floods in the desert, sand storms, starry mountain trails, untouched beaches. Expect the unexpected!

  • Bird Migrations

    Follow the flocks of birds passing through Israel on their way from Africa to Asia and Europe.

  • Israel’s Backyard

    Uncover the local color and out-of-the-way surprises Israel has to offer.

Explore Israel through Your Lens!

Our photo tours give you the unique opportunity to experience Israel and hone your at the same time. We adjust to your level and interests, for the best photos and the most inspiring trip.

Jerusalem Photography Course

The next photography course will take place at yaal's photography gallery in Jerusalem's Hutzot HaYotzer Artist Colony. The course aims to provide a practical understanding, knowledge and skills in an intense and focused manner: How to make the most of your camera, how to digitally manage and improve your images, how to properly use a flash, how to work with a subject and more.. ..all that while developing a personal approach and acquiring guidelines and directions for further development.

Israel - A Photographic Destination

Israel is both a modern country and an ancient land. From the biblical heroes, through the medieval period, to the contemporary state, Israel has it all. Visit and photograph the sites where prophets walked, scenes of battles and peaceful life and the juxtaposition of old and new. We walk with you in the footsteps of the ancient Israelites and introduce you to the diverse cultures and various climates contained in this small country.

Custom Made Tours

Our tours are custom-made for each client. You tell us whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced photographer. Let us know whether your interest lies in bird watching, nature, landscape, street photography, social documentary or biblical archaeological sites. Do you want to visit the well-traveled sites of Israel or are you looking for something more unique? Are you looking for five-star accommodation or a tent in the middle of the desert? Whatever your preferences, we will create the perfect tour for you.

Photography Courses

We combine professional photography skills with extensive knowledge of Israel and deep appreciation for the land and its people. You tell us what you want to see and capture and we show you where the best photo ops are hiding. We provide advice, support and insight to hone your photographic skills, so that you go home with beautiful images which reflect the spirit of Israel.