• Har Harif and The Negev Mountain Ridge

    This remote mountainous location near the Egyptian border is home to many animals which one does not normally see: wild donkeys, rabbits, wolfs, foxes, dears, eagles.  The once colder weather left us with many archaeological artifacts from civilizations that once, a few thousand years ago, ruled these lands.   The height, dry air and distance from any main city makes this an ideal area ...

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  • Horkanya Valley

    An IDF military training zone, this region is isolated yet full of unexpected guests. In the middle of the Judaean Desert there are platy of ancient remnants such as cisterns, caves or stone structures inviting local inhabitants to merge with the breathtaking scenery .  Vendyl Jones - the original inspiration to the Indiana Jones character, searched for the arc of the covenant this mountainous region.

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  • Wadi Kelt

      Wadi Kelt (Arabic), or Nahal Prat (Hebrew) is one of the most fascinating places for photography. This all year-running-water desert stream in the midst of the Judaean Desert is an attraction for many lives and species. Old aqueducts and bridges accompany the trail through most of its duration from northern Jerusalem, to Jericho and than the Jordan River.

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  • Kotel Desperation

    The Kotel (wailing wall) sometimes presents a strange assortment of characters and interesting interactions. A colleague of mine who lives near by goes to the plaza on a daily basis - capturing faces.

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  • New Age Tel Aviv Architecture

    The increasing gap between income levels impacts Tel Aviv new age architecture.

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  • Bridge Over Blue

      Jaser A-Zarka - The arabic name 'bridge over blue' originates in an old bridge over the local river 'Alligator's River' (these are long gone). The poorest village in Israel is neighboring the wealthiest town - Caesarea. The ancestors of village's residents were bedwin slaves that found a home in this seaside village. The village is all pastel like colored with magnificent textures ...

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  • Alonei Abba Oak Forest

    In the past Israel was covered with forests of mainly Oak, Acacia and Carob trees. A few historical events lead to the cutting of much of these forest: - During the conquering of the land by during Joshua's time - creating open spaces for agricultural fields - During the the construction of Solomon's temple - For the glass industry (required wood for generating heat), - Feeding the ...

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  • Judaea Desert Hights

    Between the Judean mountain ridge and the creeks of the dead sea lays the Judean Desert plain. Scattered Bedouin population, military zones and lack of 'big' attractions make this inspirational desert a tourist free zone and a soul opener for the documentary and landscape photographer.

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  • Jerusalem Backyards

    Makor Baruch is an old neighborhood that lays between the rushing Machne Yehuda Mediterranean style market and the ultra orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim. Bright stone walls, tin roofs, everything-improvised-style alleyways and a mostly by foot transportation mean make this diversely populated neighborhood an great destination for street photography. The workshop will include tips on real estate photography. Photography by ...

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  • Northern Negev Plains

      One of the less traveled in regions of the country due to extensive military zones is a nesting area for many bird and animal species spending their winter away from any large populated areas.

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